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Why La Rue

As a master of the mediation process, I believe that the most effective style of mediation is one of facilitation, based on a philosophy of self-determination by the parties: “It’s the parties’ dispute, and the resolution is theirs.”

The Facilitative Mediation

The facilitative style of mediation is one in which the mediator asks questions, causing each party to have doubt in the position that brought them into mediation. The mediator assists the parties in identifying their interests (as opposed to their positions) and where each parties’ interests intersect.

Minimal Directiveness

I also will incorporate, where appropriate, a style of minimal directiveness, or one that is more mediator-directed. This is sometimes referred to as an analytical style, in which I may share my opinions, with the permission of the parties, about positions being taken by the parties.

Conflict is inevitable in any relationship

—business or personal, but the outcome of a dispute is not foreordained.