My training is designed based on the needs of the specific group, and always with the notion that the best training for adults is based on experiential learning principles rather than exclusively from doctrinal lectures.

Why La Rue

As an educator and an experienced practitioner in ADR, I take umbrage with the sometimes-stated mis-notion that, “Those who can do, do. Those who cannot do, teach.” The very essence of mastery is the ability to pass along to others the knowledge and skills that years of learning, doing and reflecting have taught me.

Who I Train

I have designed trainings for advocates, beginners in the ADR field, and experienced persons, as well. I have designed trainings for neutrals seeking to enter the ADR field and those arbitrators and mediators seeking to enhance their skills.

Training Experience

Domestically, I assisted in the design and the delivery of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service New Arbitrator Training program, and have trained many new arbitrators over a 12-year period. Internationally, I worked with the Department of Commerce to train lawyers and business persons in West Africa in commercial arbitration and mediation.

Conflict is inevitable in any relationship

—business or personal, but the outcome of a dispute is not foreordained.

Upcoming Presentations

Join Me virtually at the National LERA Conference where I will participate in a discussion of “Achieving Diversity in Labor Arbitrator Selection.” We will talk about  the “Ray Corollary Initiative”, in which we propose ways to diversify the selection of arbitrators in labor-management and employment disputes, by expanding the ABA’s Resolution 105 to include a 30% metric, and about other ways to think outside the box as well.

Date: June 2, 2022 @ 11:45am EST (Session 1.5)

Past Presentations

Join Me at the National Academy of Arbitrators' 75th Annual Meeting & Education Conference “Arbitration in a Changing World." I will be on the panel discussing "Diversity Initiatives: From IDEA to IMPLEMENTATION." The call for diversity has never been broader and it has never been stronger. However, achieving diversity is not without its challenges, in workplaces as well as in the arbitration profession. This panel will address initiatives in connection with arbitrator selection, creating a diverse workforce and eradicating racism from the workplace. It will provide practical examples of how real change can be viewed.
Date: May 12, 2022 @ 9am
Location: Fairmont Royal York, Toronto, ON