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Ray Corollary Initiative

The Ray Corollary Initiative, Inc. ™ (“RCI, Inc.”) is a non-profit organization that promotes a detailed plan of action to increase the number of diverse persons selected as arbitrators, mediators, and other neutrals.  Arbitrator La Rue is Chair of the Board of Directors (2021 – present).  The RCI, Inc. has its origins in a 2020 law review article authored by Arbitrator La Rue and Arbitrator Alan Symonette, The Ray Corollary Initiative: How to Achieve Diversity and Inclusion in Arbitrator Selection, 63(2) Howard L.J. 205 (Winter 2020)

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What is RCI™?

Here is the challenge: if we want to increase the number of persons of color and women who serve as arbitrators, mediators, and other neutrals, we must change the system for selecting these individuals.  This means changing the way that advocates choose neutrals and the way that rostering entities formulate the slates form which advocates make their final selection of neutrals. 

J. CLAY SMITH JR., EMANCIPATION: The MAKING OF THE BLACK LAWYER 1844-1944 55 (U. of Pa. Press ed., 1993) (The “Corollary” is named after Charlotte E. Ray, who “ . . . graduated from Howard University School of Law in 1872 . . . [and is] the first black woman to receive a law degree and the first to be admitted to the bar in the . . . [United States]).”  [Footnote 76, p. 239 of the article].